Nexus One is to discover new blockchain project that will bring a new era to this world we live in, and by providing full-time dedicated service, enabling great team with the great business model to achieve greater and faster goals. Not via solely the financial investments, but we also offer a full scope of services from advising to implementation, to create a robust community and offer entrepreneurs in various fields of access. In the field of community building and networking, Nexus One has been actively working to raise the competitiveness of foreign companies in China and provide opportunities to connect them with China-based businesses. Also, vice versa, we can introduce Chinese blockchain projects to Korean blockchain community. Our goal is to accelerate the dawn of a new generation of the blockchain.


The innovation behind blockchain begins with the vision that no central authority owns or controls the system. Investment in the blockchain projects is investing in the future of our economy and society. Nexus One is blockchain fund focused exclusively on investing in blockchain projects which have ambition to disrupt current system. Nexus One aims to support and nurture top-performing projects, enabling entrepreneurs to pursue their passion for the decentralized world.